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The Rangeela Raja family is pretty huge and they have nine children. The most known of the family is the king, Sultan, who was handsome, charming and had great charm to draw people. At the age of thirty-three he married a beautiful lady named Radha. Though her family disapproved of the marriage Radha and Sultan were determined to settle down with each other. Both Radha and Sultan were born in the same year and had the same birthday, so they were forever meant to be together. Radha had a very tender heart and was very sensitive towards the love and affection of men. Sultan was smart as well as amiable.Movie For Download When Radha was born in 1885 Sultan married her at the age of eight years and ten months. She was a perfect wife and bore him nine children. She had a third son named Aliya, who was the only son and he was ill when he was young. Sultan was an excellent doctor and surgeon and when he was sick to his entire family and relatives supported him and helped him. When

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We all know what Italian-born novelist, playwright and essayist JM Coetzee have in store for us with his first collection of short stories, yet the latest story collection by this storyteller, Book I, Just, Just is another exciting collection full of wit and insight. Book I, Just, Just is a collection full of brilliant and humorous stories that is sure to win the reader over with its witty humour and refreshing prose. Coetzee's style of writing is very captivating and this "transported" style of storytelling found in Book I, Just, Just will delight the reader with its easy and relaxed style of writing. The story is told in a few short but captivating chapters and the narrative is full of colourful, imaginative prose. Coetzee's words move easily from one chapter to another, as the novel progresses. Book I, Just, Just is not simply about one story however, with some interesting characters along with some scenes, humour and unforgettable scenes the collection is

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Gully Boy is a hilarious, funny and entertaining movie that gives you a new lease on life. This movie will entertain anyone from the very young to the old, young to child and every age group in between. Lalit Bhanji is a very busy man who keeps a record of all his family's activities. One day he finds an old tape on his television showing the funeral of a young girl called Nika who was also Lalit's daughter. His search led him to this small village called Chandni Marwat, which looks like a ghost town and has only a few stores selling everything from babies to clothes. The whole village was swarming with people and they were screaming "Bhindi Maha Savit" and all the sweetest name for the boy. The legend said that Bhindi Maha Savit was a brave princess who had fought against a warlord known as 'Rajan' whose men killed many of her family members. She refused to be a widow any longer and instead fought against the powerful Rajan and forced him to flee.