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Gully Boy is a hilarious, funny and entertaining movie that gives you a new lease on life. This movie will entertain anyone from the very young to the old, young to child and every age group in between.

Lalit Bhanji is a very busy man who keeps a record of all his family's activities. One day he finds an old tape on his television showing the funeral of a young girl called Nika who was also Lalit's daughter. His search led him to this small village called Chandni Marwat, which looks like a ghost town and has only a few stores selling everything from babies to clothes.

The whole village was swarming with people and they were screaming "Bhindi Maha Savit" and all the sweetest name for the boy. The legend said that Bhindi Maha Savit was a brave princess who had fought against a warlord known as 'Rajan' whose men killed many of her family members. She refused to be a widow any longer and instead fought against the powerful Rajan and forced him to flee.

 The villagers of Chandni Marwat consider this a great victory, especially when they find out that Bhindi Maha Savit's pretty head is now seen hanging on the temple wall at the gate of the village.

Lalit Bhanji was very much disturbed and distressed when he discovered that his daughter has passed away. He decided to capture some video footage of the festival so that he could relive the memory of the happy moments she used to spend. He discovered that the head was missing when the Sarpanchs came to demand for it. He was delighted when he found it hanging on the temple.Movie For Download jio rockers

Lalit Bhanji decided to get hold of the head of Bhindi Maha Savit. He invited a few friends who accompany him toChandni Marwat to locate the head. They found the temple of the tribal Lord Kumar and took up residence there. They slowly learnt about the cult, which was held by the villagers, which was dedicated to the Goddess of Youth.

A massive crowd gathered around the shrine and did a sort of ceremonial prayer,according to the religion of these people. This meant that the Lord (also known as God) of Youth was pleased and this gave Lalit Bhanji the clue to solve the mystery of the "missing" head. Lalit Bhanji went further and hunted down a divine warrior who was promised a share of the Goddess of Youth for his bravery. 
The warrior was Sukkur Singh who defeated all the warriors in the shrine before defeating the tribe of Raja Navesh.
Lalit Bhanji chased Sukkur Singh to his hideout, but he was in no condition to fight the prince. However, while Lalit was talking to the warrior, he told him about Bhindi Maha Savit and how she loved being a girl. The fighter eventually decided to reveal himself to Lalit and they made love in front of everyone.Movie For Download

As soon as they were married, Lalit found that the head of Bhindi Maha Savit was missing and so he left the temple. His journey took him to the forests of Kathni Marwat, where he found a beautiful girl, who looked like a baby in his arms. This girl was named Malla and was meant to be a bride for Kumar Singh. Kumar Singh and Malla meant to marry and leave the village together to travel across the country, but as time went by they decided to stay in Kathni Marwat and live happily ever after


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