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The Rangeela Raja family is pretty huge and they have nine children. The most known of the family is the king, Sultan, who was handsome, charming and had great charm to draw people. At the age of thirty-three he married a beautiful lady named Radha.

Though her family disapproved of the marriage Radha and Sultan were determined to settle down with each other. Both Radha and Sultan were born in the same year and had the same birthday, so they were forever meant to be together. Radha had a very tender heart and was very sensitive towards the love and affection of men. Sultan was smart as well as amiable.Movie For Download

When Radha was born in 1885 Sultan married her at the age of eight years and ten months. She was a perfect wife and bore him nine children. She had a third son named Aliya, who was the only son and he was ill when he was young.

Sultan was an excellent doctor and surgeon and when he was sick to his entire family and relatives supported him and helped him. When he was shot by a wild boar and died a few days later, his father and sisters accompanied him to the grave to pay their last respects. Sultan was buried in the presence of his entire family.

When the Raleela Raja was born he was only nine years old and was suffering from malaria. His parents never thought of naming him. The name of Sultan was suggested by the teacher of the family. He too admired the beauty of Sultan and chose to be called the Sultan in honor of his favorite.

When Sultan's elder brother reached the age of fourteen, he was groomed by the doctor of the Rangeela Raja and was taught all the necessary aspects of life. It was when he was twenty-five years old that he was able to marry Radha.

She was forty seven and when the Raleela Raja was born, Sultan was already divorced. She became pregnant with her tenth child on the same day when the birth of her last child occurred. After the birth of the first Rangeela Raja the new king came to know that his daughter had delivered a boy. He asked for Sultan's hand in marriage and the prince was married.Movie For Download

Sultan used to communicate and tell each other all about their daily lives. They started living separately and went to live at different places but finally stayed together. The Raleela Raja still resides in Mumbai and still has a family.


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