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We all know what Italian-born novelist, playwright and essayist JM Coetzee have in store for us with his first collection of short stories, yet the latest story collection by this storyteller, Book I, Just, Just is another exciting collection full of wit and insight. Book I, Just, Just is a collection full of brilliant and humorous stories that is sure to win the reader over with its witty humour and refreshing prose.

Coetzee's style of writing is very captivating and this "transported" style of storytelling found in Book I, Just, Just will delight the reader with its easy and relaxed style of writing. The story is told in a few short but captivating chapters and the narrative is full of colourful, imaginative prose. Coetzee's words move easily from one chapter to another, as the novel progresses.

Book I, Just, Just is not simply about one story however, with some interesting characters along with some scenes, humour and unforgettable scenes the collection is not just a collection of stories, but more like a seamless story telling experience. The collection starts with a very engaging tale of the amorous encounters between Tom and Greta, Coetzee's protagonistines, 

played perfectly by Coetzee's two main protagonists, Mia Farrow and Henry Alford. As if this is not enough Coetzee then takes us to the fascinating world of light blues, a genre which is filled with numerous themes and gags. The Light Blues is a fantasy style fantasy tale where we learn about the life of a fictional character named, "The Clown".

The other exciting stories in Book I, Just, Just include tales such as the playful and clever Jack and Molly, a two headed horse with a baby in tow, Rag and Bone, a magical purple butterfly who is able to change its colours, "Dark Blue"Light Blue" and a seriously twisted story of the boy who was born a girl, Harry and the story about the white hibiscus and the king of fairies, "The Painted Porch, Part I"

. Coetzee delivers an utterly delightful collection that keeps the reader captivated and enthralled with each new page, each chapter. The novels then moves onto the adventures of Billy Joe and the other dogs in search of a child, "A Dog Named Blond" "Shed-Horse", the adventures of a lone girl in America and the story of John Inness in India, a love story of two ancient lovers, "The Field of Kings".

Book I, Just, Just is full of Coetzee's quirky and outrageous humor that makes it very enjoyable reading for everyone. One thing that is very evident is the cultural influences in Coetzee's writing as the stories in Book I, Just, Just are interwoven with many other stories, references and influences from different cultures. This makes the book very interesting and rich with diverse storytelling that truly captures the imagination of the reader.Movie For Download

All in all, Coetzee does not shy away from depicting some of the darker aspects of life and he does this throughout the book in such a way that the reader is at least somewhat interested in the stories. Most stories in Book I, Just, Just take place in the early hours of the morning and are full of funny and wonderful characters. There is something different about this collection and it is a pleasure to read for all readers, whether it is your first book by JM Coetzee or your tenth by him.

With his continuing ability to deliver, Coetzee will leave readers in stitches with his first novel for nearly 50 years. The next one is scheduled to be published in the coming months and you can expect a lot of excitement and anticipation for this book.Movie For Download

Book I, Just, Just will be released at the end of May by Thackeray's First; the publisher that launched the career of JM Coetzee, an Australian author, whose hilarious works have delighted the public for decades. For more information on this and other books visit Thackeray's website.


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